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Optimize your online presence with Digital PR


Digital PR compared to traditional ones offer more opportunities for brands, especially if included within a well-constructed strategy. Before understanding the advantages, however, it is necessary to understand what they are.

Digital PR: a definition

Digital public relations are a set of Digital Marketing techniques and strategies that aim to promote a specific brand, and its products or services, improving its online awareness (Brand Awareness) and reputation (Brand Reputation). 


Digital PR campaigns provide:

  • The dissemination of stimulating content online (press releases, articles, infographics, etc.) and positive reviews around the brand
  • Engaging in collaborations with the “people who matter” in the digital world, namely journalists, influencers and bloggers, in order to increase the visibility of the brand
  • Tracking brand conversations on the web
  • Dealing with crisis situations (negative reviews, fake news, etc.) that can occur in online communication, especially on social media
  • Using the “Word of mouth” to make content go viral and generate new leads


Therefore, Digital PR manage the image of the company online. Once the right interlocutors (influencers, newspapers, forums) have been identified for the brand, based on the reference sector, the target and the budget, we proceed with the creation of contents that are not self-referential but that create value, informing or deepening issues related to the company’s core business. Whatever you create, it is important that it “makes news” in order to allow the brand to make itself known, increase its reputation, increase traffic to its web address and conquer new target audiences.

Digital PR and Link building: an integrated strategy

A well done digital PR campaign involves the production of quality content which is then shared online by editors, bloggers and so on. As a result, the number of authoritative and non-authoritative links pointing to the site of the brand in question increases. In this way, a sort of collaboration between Digital PR and Link Building occurs. Both are based on a Content Marketing strategy.


While Digital PR, however, aims to increase the popularity and visibility of the brand; Link building aims to build internal and external links to the site with the aim of improving its organic positioning in the SERPs.


The internal links are references inserted within the pages of the same site, the external ones, on the other hand, are found internally in an article published on a third site. It is a textual content whose purpose is to surround the link and at the same time to attract the user’s attention to a certain topic. Building a backlink network is essential to communicate the authority and reputation of the website to Google.


Based on the foregoing, it is clear that the most effective results are obtained when there is cooperation between the two strategies.

The figure of the Digital PR Specialist

Now one wonders who is in charge of all online public relations activities and the answer is: the Digital PR Specialist, a digital marketing professional expert in public relations. Its duties include:

  • catch up on current trends in order to participate in online conversations
  • establish relationships with influencers, opinion leaders and journalists who are experts in the sector in which the company you work for is part of
  • protect and improve the reputation of the company, thanks to the continuous supervision of user reviews and comments

In addition, he must have SEO skills, so that the Digital PR campaign he designed and monitored also has an effect on the positioning of the company on search engines.

The Digital PR Specialist is a professional figure present within companies or which the latter make use of externally.

Relevanty AI acts as a Digital PR Specialist and deals with link acquisition activities. The platform, in fact, allows the development of campaigns that guarantee personalized editorial content published by high quality newspapers, within which backlinks are inserted that point to a specific content, page or website of the company for which the countryside. The more quality links refer to your site, the better the positioning on search engines improves and with it also the brand awareness and brand reputation.