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AdSense Native Ads: another news from Google


What’s new today is Native AdSense ads, an advertising tool that will enhance your site, thanks to a better user experience for users.
AdSense ads, available in the three categories In-feed, In-article and Matched content, are designed to:

  • Provide a good user experience, made possible by the use of high quality advertising elements, such as high resolution images, titles and longer descriptions;
  • Show top views for different screen sizes, as ads are designed to be optimised for viewing on mobile devices, desktops and tablets;
  • Ensure ease of use, through convenient editing tools that help make the ads look great on your site.

But let’s analyse them in order.

Native In-feed increases the possibility of revenue for each feed, as they are highly customisable, thus allowing a better adaptation of the appearance of the content of the host site, and offer new spaces to display ads.
Native In-article offers a better advertising experience, as all ads are optimised by Google to help you put optimised ads between paragraphs on your pages, use high quality advertising elements and provide a great reading experience for visitors.
Matched Content brings more users to your content. The latter category is available to all publishers that meet eligibility criteria and is a content collection tool designed to promote your content to visitors and potentially increase revenue, page views and time spent on the site. Publishers who are eligible for the “Allow Ads” feature may also display relevant ads within their corresponding content units, thus creating additional revenue opportunities.

AdSense ads can be implemented simultaneously or separately to customise your website’s ad experience. You could, for example, use in-feed ads, such as a list of articles or products, in-article ads between paragraphs on your pages, and matched content ads under your articles.
Although to date Native Advertising represents only a small percentage of the market, it seems that the Google giant has decided to focus on this channel. The optimisation of the responsive ad format also makes it clear that mobile devices will occupy an increasingly large and relevant market share for advertisers.