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SEO for publishers

Emiliano Sammassimo

In this article we want to talk about SEO for Publishers. Let’s start from the basics, without dwelling on what SEO is because, let’s be clear, if you’re here you’ve certainly heard about it. The concept and definition of the Publisher can be different, depending for example on the branch of Digital Marketing that we are dealing with. Let’s try just a moment to think about affiliation marketing or the ADV world (not only search but also and above all, display).

For this reason we define publishers simply as websites with original content, not only editorial from the classic point of view of the term, which monetise their traffic through specific actions.

Such actions can be, in scattered order:

  1. Inclusion of AdSense or other text ads in the pages of the site;
  2. Inclusion of Banners (not only by AdSense but also by other Advertisers) graphics in the pages of the site;
  3. Inclusion of products that can be purchased on e-commerce sites (Amazon and others);
  4. Monetisation of its contents.

Clearly, there are several others but the key point is that each of these activities can be helped and supported by a SEO Strategy. Let’s see just some of the analysis that could help in a medium – long term monetisation strategy of the site.

Choose (or expand) the Reference Sector

All those who manage a site know that being faithful to their sector, to their market, is not an easy task. Especially for those markets highly inflated on the web, you need to find (and maintain) your own space, your visibility, characterise and differentiate yourself from others. In this, not easy, continuous search for topics of high interest, SEO can be an additional weapon. It’s about going to look for what are the emerging trends for your sector of reference, evaluate their potential and develop content or new sections of the site with a very specific project.

Some of the supporting analyses may be:

  • Market Analysis;
  • CTR analysis;
  • Keyword Expansion.

Increase User loyalty

This is a somewhat more all-encompassing or we could say, multidisciplinary activity. It’s about making Users who know us come back to our pages, not only because we are interesting and our contents are better and more in-depth than our competitors, but above all because we have something more, that characterises us and makes us remember. In this process there are also all the loyalty actions typical of a website, such as subscribing to the newsletter, which for example could be specific on the subject that the User has just seen and is likely to be interested in. Another detail could be not to send newsletters every day, but to siphon off the mailings with content that is always interesting, or to encourage your users to advertise through shares, offering them a discount, a coupon or free subscription to one of your premium services. These are techniques that have led many companies, starting from scratch, to reach thousands of subscribers in a short time (see DropBox or Spotify).

Become a reference point

By naming any sector anyone who has a particular site in mind. Shall we give it a try? How about cooking? Or fitness? Or ecology? For each one you will have come up with a specific site, many will have come up with the same site. This is probably because we either found it very often in the search results or because it solved a problem for us.

How to replicate this on our site or our content? Certainly you can not define a generic strategy, each site has its own peculiarities and peculiarities. Very specific and very in-depth analyses are necessary, with a precise objective. The most effective ones can be the analysis of Audience, Research Intents and Micromoment or even the analysis of competitors, insights that start from Users’ interests and define specific actions to be taken to increase not only the visibility on Search Engines but also the authoritativeness of the site and the positioning of its Brand.

Each site has its own potential, our task is to make it yield the most.

To learn more and to ask for an in-depth professional opinion about your site, please do not hesitate to contact us.