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Media Monitoring: AI-driven media coverage

The press-review platform “augmented” using AI and Machine Learning

Media Monitoring AI allows you to collect, classify and cluster all the news related to a brand. Each news item found is enhanced and evaluated, giving it an interest score for relevance and theme.

The mission of the product is to provide Marketing Managers with timely and streamlined insights not only regarding their own brand but also market trends and competitors.

Every industry needs fresh insights

Traditional alerts and press-review services can be updated and advance to the next step, to provide useful information to the Marketing Intelligence departments of each industry, especially with regard to products.
By automating the information-collection process and applying ML algorithms to the information collected, it is possible to greatly increase the amount of information analysed in order to rationalise and classify news in order to make it more easily usable and actionable.

Who it can be useful for and why use Media Monitoring AI

Marketing intelligence managers and Market Research managers at product companies have one more ally, a simple tool to get a complete view of their sector’s development trajectories and their competitors’ activities.

The data obtained is displayed in such a way that you can immediately see how the industry is moving, thanks to data-visualization solutions.

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From data to performance: AI actionable insights for marketing

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