Trend AI: how it works

Trend AI is today the flagship of ByTek AI Suite

Starting from a list of keywords and clusters of interest related to a brand, a topic or a product, the AI algorithm is able to collect and cluster emerging online trends.

Trend AI requires a human configuration and produces a 3-step workflow:

  1. Topic Finder The first phase of the configuration involves an analysis where experienced market analysts analyse user searches related to a specific topic. Companies can probe the main areas of interest for their business, such as brands, services and main competitors;
  2. Trend Monitoring – Trend AI analyses the selected topics with all related keywords in order to expand the results and detect any statistically significant changes. The team analyses the market by mapping all searches on the subject. Thanks to the topics and clusters identified, Trend AI will continuously expand on the topics by monitoring search trends;
  3. Trend results Dedicated access with dynamic dashboards shows all trends, the main change in searches – increasing and decreasing – and news related to each subject monitored.

With Trend AI you can:

  • find new keywords;
  • study the seasonality of a cluster;
  • understand which clusters/keywords have the highest search volume;
  • follow the momentum of the interest in clusters/keywords during a specific observation period.

The tool continuously recalculates external data, with a refresh rate varying from once a month to twice a day.

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