Trend AI: use cases

The analysis of online trends, in fact, is crucial for companies of different sectors and sizes.

Trend AI is a high-potential, versatile tool capable of bringing considerable added value to business decisions as well as to strategic content choices. The analysis of online trends, in fact, is crucial for different sized companies in various sectors.

Capturing trends before competitors

The need

To identify emerging trends on Google in order to provide newspapers and editorial portals with new topics to publish in their newspapers.

To cover the topics readers are interested in before competitors.

The solution

Use of the Trend AI tool to get up-to-date information on emerging and growing search trends.

The constantly updated data allows you to identify topics to write about in an accurate way, facilitating the task of the editorial staff and increasing presence in SERPs.

To identify relevant content based on seasonality

The need

For specialised publishing sites such as those in the food industry, to frequently identify the most sought-after recipes online in order to adapt the publishing plan and predict the most sought-after content based on seasonality.

The solution

Using Trend AI, it is possible to observe the subject of recipes based on lists of ingredients and types of food.

The tool allows you to find tens of thousands of new searches on a weekly basis, sorted by growth rates.

To make strategic decisions for product and campaign optimization

The need

To identify emerging search trends in such a way as to establish a strategy to monitor the various touchpoints of a brand, with information both on the product and on the ads strategies to be activated.

The solution

Mapping the interests and questions of users on search engines with respect to the main issues of business interest and to develop a strategy that includes:

  • product strategy
  • content development
  • search advertising campaigns.

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