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ByTek Platform is ByTek’s MarTech ecosystem

Through the application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, ByTek Platform enables optimization of performance marketing activities.

The system is fully customizable and modular: it is built on the customer’s needs, thanks to modular solutions that can be activated in single or synergistic mode, easy to implement and to use with a view to obtaining immediately actionable data.

Each platform can be integrated and complementary to the others, to provide end-to-end value along the entire funnel, from acquisition to retention: from market research to competitive analysis, from awareness tracking to authority building, to immediate reporting thanks to data visualization and augmented analytics features.

Trend AI

TREND AI is the technological customer intelligence solution that allows you to identify new search trends in your area of interest.


  • identify trends and follow seasonality
  • monitor surges of interest
  • make truly client-driven business decisions

Relevanty AI

RELEVANTY AI aims at analyzing competitors’ link profiles, establishing link-building strategies, and connecting publishers and advertisers.


  • increases authoritativeness and organic positioning
  • improves content strategy and content monetization
  • speeds up and automates the most time-consuming activities

Audience AI

AUDIENCE AI is the Headless CDP that enables highly profiled audiences directly in the marketing platforms used.


  • identity resolution
  • get a 360° view of your customers
  • entrusted to 'transparent' artificial intelligence algorithms