Audience AI

Obtain advanced segmentations of your customer base to enhance your marketing campaigns and gain a complete view of your customers without adding complexity to your technological stack.

Audience AI is a solution that collects and aggregates internal CRM data with navigation data from GA4.

Through data merge procedures, it delivers a comprehensive user data table for segmentation and enrichment.

Furthermore, by means of ‘transparent’ artificial intelligence algorithms, it is possible to identify interests, scoring and predictive scoring, purchasing behaviour and predictive lifetime value of users in order to place them within specific groups.

Audience AI provides the labels obtained for advanced dashboards and for targeting users through direct campaigns and paid media.


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Why use Audience AI?

Audience AI solves the problem of a fragmented data lake in non-communicating silos. It collects, aggregates, and models data to provide you with a complete view of your customers, allowing you to optimize the targeting of marketing campaigns and make informed business decisions without introducing additional tools or dashboards into the existing martech stack.

How does Audience AI work?

Audience AI allows you to gain insights into your customer base to implement personalized and effective marketing strategies.


Data Collection

Collect and aggregate Behavioral data, CRM data, and E-commerce data in your data warehouse.


Data Modeling

Using artificial intelligence algorithms, it performs:

  • Analysis of user interests based on their browsing behavior;
  • Analysis of transactional data;
  • Lead scoring and predictive lead scoring;
  • LTV predictions based on behavioral data.

Data Activation

Once the analysis has been performed, it provides different types of output, such as:

  • Dashboards for business intelligence;
  • Advanced audiences within advertising or email marketing platforms;
  • Periodically updated labels in your CRM;
  • Customisation of CX and in real-time;
  • Chatbots and LLM fed with the information and insights obtained.

Strengths of Audience AI

Personalized and Updated Audiences

With Audience AI, audiences are created dynamically and users can be categorised in various ways. To examine purchasing behaviour, we use the RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) framework with the ability to customise the monetary metric (RFx) to suit the needs of your business. In addition, we apply the K-Means methodology to break down users into groups that meaningfully and representatively reflect your users’ behaviour and the needs of your business.


Significant Impact on Marketing Performance

Audience AI enables a reduction in Customer Acquisition Cost and Churn rate, as well as an increase in Customer Lifetime Value and business value.

Churn Rate, CAC, cLTV

GDPR Compliant

Information collection is done in strict compliance with privacy regulations while maintaining high accuracy in user identification. Additionally, both data extraction and data return within marketing platforms occur through the use of encrypted APIs, ensuring complete protection.


End-to-End Data Approach

Thanks to the expertise of our Data Strategists, Audience AI adapts to your objectives and business model from the data collection. Following the Reverse ETL approach ensures that the data extracted from the data warehouse is transferred to operational systems or business applications. This enables companies to use the collected data for immediate, customer-oriented actions.

Reverse ETL

Audience AI

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