Search Empowerment: search marketing strategy

The importance of Search Strategy

The explosion of mobile devices, voice searches and search engines increasingly used in addition to Google (such as YouTube and Amazon) multiply opportunities to intercept users who are looking for information online.

Working on the Search Strategy means analyzing, understanding and satisfying the needs of your users, giving relevant answers at every step of their journey.

Today, Google processes 3.5 billion searches a day and understanding the real intentions of the user is crucial for being able to optimise your content, making it relevant for aligning and maximizing the performance of organic results.

From data to performance: AI actionable insights for marketing

ByTek Search Empowerment, optimization of processes and results

Search engines, devices and user habits are constantly changing, so a search strategy must always be able to capture changes and trends.

Thanks to our technological stack and constant assistance, we support our customers’ business to seize all market opportunities.

Our solution involves translating business objectives into KPIs for the Search with related activities, in 4 phases ranging from strategy to action with a test&learn approach:

  • Plan – teams will discuss the individual actions to be implemented during the month in order to achieve the set objectives;
  • Do – implementation of the monthly plan, following the main script contained in the strategy;
  • Check – because only by analysing each change made is it possible to understand how good the direction taken is or if there needs to be a change of course;
  • Act – with the implementation of long-term solutions based on the evidence received.

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