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Discover users’ interests to provide the most appropriate answers and solutions

Would you like to know how interest in a product or service varies throughout the year? How do your competitors share visibility on Google? Or get to know how your potential customers, search online for a product?


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Why a Keyword Mapping analysis is useful

SEO studies user needs, planning strategies and technical actions precisely to answer user questions. To do this, however, it is important not only to collect, but to be able to “read” the amount of data that the web provides. Keyword mapping is the service proposed by ByTek that allows us to extrapolate from the search engine all user searches, keywords regarding a given topic, grouping and analyzing them to turn them into useful information to study answers and solutions.

Thanks to the data that Google provides us, we can extract the number of searches that are made in each country, in each region in the last 36 months. A huge amount of data that through our algorithms is clustered and grouped to make it a useful and usable information.

Data analysis for this focuses on certain activities such as:

  • Seasonal searches – How interest in a particular product or topic varies throughout the year
    1. Demand – What are the most frequently asked questions on a given topic
    2. Share of Voice – competitor visibility and comparison
    3. Trend – the types of searches with the highest growth rate and those in decline
    4. Search on other markets – comparison with searches in other countries
  • Define priorities for action
  • Assess the impact of SEO activity in depth
  • Identify the best content to build your digital editorial plan (DPE)
  • Diversify communication in different markets to make it more effective.

In fact, keyword mapping is fundamental to structuring a digital editorial plan for creating static content from the keywords and evidence that emerged. Pages that attract users and potential customers, because today it is not enough to have a site and be there: it is essential to be found.

Through in-depth analysis and through the use of our algorithms, it is possible to assess how each site gets traffic from search engines, breaking down the estimates by categories and keyword types.

With respect to a given topic, some basic questions can be answered, which are:

  • How much is the topic searched online?
  • How is it searched on line?
  • What is searched in relation to this topic?
  • Where is it being searched?
  • When and in what periods?

The data that the search engine provides is innumerable: knowing how to analyze it is an unmissable opportunity for those who want to work in the digital field.

ByTek depending on your needs, can offer you:

  • data analysis
  • data analysis plus insights
  • data analysis plus insights and an action plan

This is also in the form of a dashboard and in a multilingual version. Just think, for example, of a product made in Italy such as wine that is marketed in other countries.

What is the purpose of keyword mapping: practical examples

Getting information from data is possible. We query the Web to find answers to all kinds of problems. Keyword mapping analysis extracts from the search engine all the keywords, all the searches that are done around a given topic, month by month, in given regions, over the last 36 months-that’s millions of keywords and millions of pieces of data that need to be extracted and analyzed. We at ByTek go in and group and analyze this data to turn it into useful information. We apply algorithms to provide market analysis, for example.

An example of information derived from market analysis is our wine research. An in-depth analysis that provides insight into online searches related to the product “wine” and “Italian wine” in G7 countries by answering four basic questions: how, when, what and how much is searched.

It emerges, for example, that the number of average annual online searches on the product wine is higher in France than in Italy, that Prosecco is the most searched Italian grape variety, and that sommelier courses are searched in Japan. It turned out that the general trend on both wine and Italian wine is growing everywhere. Seasonality, search clusters, focus on our country are just some of the points addressed: we discovered differences and similarities, but above all, possibilities for improvement were identified on delicate aspects such as communication and online campaigns.

That’s why keyword mapping could be crucial in developing an e-commerce.

Why Keyword Mapping is strategic

Through keyword mapping work, it is possible to get an overview of online searches regarding a particular topic. You can quickly visualize the most important needs of your users, obtain data on the seasonality and trends of an industry in order to then plan strategic marketing efforts.

Want to find out how your company is being searched online or study your industry through in-depth keyword mapping analysis? Contact us and find out about our solutions.

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