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Generative AI for SEO

Training for Brand & eCommerce

17 Apr 2023


On April 17th 2023, our webinar “Generative AI for SEO” will be held, discussing how artificial intelligence can help optimise marketing performance.

Research is changing and becoming increasingly non-linear and multimodal, leading to new opportunities and strategies for businesses. 

Therefore, our CEO, Paolo Dello Vicario, and our Marketing Science Director, Valentina Tortolini, will address the following topics:

  • the evolution of search over time;
  • how to apply Generative AI to SEO and its benefits;
  • using Generative AI not only to produce and enrich content, but also for analysis and strategy development: real case studies.

Registration is free and materials used during the presentation will be shared at the end of the seminar.

We look forward to discussing this highly-debated topic with you and gaining new insights. See you there!



Valentina Tortolini
Marketing Science Director
Paolo Dello Vicario