Soluzioni basate sui dati per il settore Banking&Finance

The finance sector is affected by technological innovation and the entry of highly digitized generations into the marketplace

The diminishing priority of a physical relationship with the lending institution, the explosion in the marketplace of full-digital e-banking players offering very innovative current account management, investment and payment services bring considerable challenges, but also great opportunities to work on.



Activation Strategy thanks to MarTech

We work strategically for Finance on three macro-activities:

  • Enhancement of the data, to understand market research, collect customers’ perceptions of the sector and the specific product;
  • Personalizing the user experience and increasing the authority of product pages, as speaking directly to the consumer and building social proof is critical, especially for emerging financial products;
  • Engineering nurturing and contact engagement through first-party digital data analytics to help banks seize all “hidden” business opportunities.

Challenges and opportunities in the financial sector

The challenge

Consumers no longer feel tied “for life” to one bank.

The opportunity

High availability of user data and insights and martech solutions with the use of AI enable the creation of tailored shopping experiences, improving customer empathy, consequently loyalty and conversions.

The challenge

Increasing competition due to new fully digital players and increasingly complex regulations.

The opportunity

High availability of data and user insights, to understand behaviors and evaluate business opportunities.

The challenge

Online is at the center; the need for physical contact is diminishing for consumers.

The opportunity

Digital allows us to break down barriers, also creating space for innovative financial solutions that are unstructured and simplified as much as possible.

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Bytek AI Suite: our MarTech stack for banking&finance

Trend AI

Identify the major online trends, seasonality and research intentions of the fashion world.


  • Map search interests

  • Identify patterns and anomalies among trends

  • Enable data-driven strategic decisions

Relevanty AI

It enhances the link strategy and, therefore, the authority and positioning of digital brands and properties.


  • It connects advertisers and publishers

  • Self-service, managed or enterprise mode, as needed

  • High-quality publications


Retention AI

It supports the collection and segmentation of the customer base, with a view to loyalty and personalization.


  • Easily integrates with business tools and platforms

  • It allows an accurate knowledge of existing customers

  • It allows you to create more effective campaigns on target audiences

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