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Google, Zoho and the main technological solutions on the market today

Companies, today, are increasingly looking for solutions that can integrate and complement their martech stack. ByTek is the technology and strategic partner that knows how to help the most innovative companies meet the challenge of governing data, ensuring ever higher marketing performance, governing the entire customer journey and getting on the trends before their competitors.

Technology today makes it possible to speed up most repetitive actions, to collect and organize data, to unearth insights.
For us, it is an enabler, augmenting human possibilities rather than replacing them. That’s why we pair technology with empowerment activities, enabling clients to achieve effective and lasting results.

In addition to our proprietary technology, contained in ByTek AI Suite modules, we also master key external technologies, as official resellers of the Google Marketing Platform, experts in Looker and Zoho’s CRM solution.

Zoho CRM

Adopting and properly using a CRM like Zoho is an efficient and effective solution for organizations of all types.