Zoho CRM: leveraging first-party data through business intelligence

According to a 2020 report by Seagate and IDC, from their online activities, companies collect about half of the potential data (56 percent) and of this data they use just over 10 percent, with 43 percent of the data remaining unused. This is why adopting and properly using a CRM such as Zoho is an efficient and effective solution.

CRM is strongly linked to the concept of “business intelligence“, that is, an organization’s propensity for learning, combined with its ability to synthesize the information it needs to apply the resulting insights on a larger scale, while generating a strong data culture.

These capabilities, supported by an appropriate technology platform, enable organizations to excel and make the most of first-party data, critical today in the twilight of 3rd party data and the privacy-first approach.


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Why you should have a CRM like Zoho

Zoho CRM Plus is a holistic customer experience solution that enables the management of all customer experiences at all stages of the lifecycle, improving conversions and business relationship efficiency.

The CRM plus suite contains a truly comprehensive set of apps for business relationship management, tracking, automation, projects and analytics.

ZOHO boasts one of the shortest implementation times on the market. By choosing the solution in SaaS, the company is up and running in 50 percent of the time compared to industry averages.

These are just some of the benefits of a technology solution like this:

  • it enables increased performance of the entire bottom-of-the-funnel phase
  • allows you to coordinate and improve lead generation activities and complete the acquisition process
  • guarantees to improve the company’s ability to analyze and make strategic decisions
  • leads to take a fundamental step toward digitization and breaking down silos

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How ByTek supports the adoption of Zoho CRM

ByTek’s support in flow design and application selection still reduces implementation time while increasing effectiveness and efficiency of the final platform, perfectly aligned with the client’s processes and goals.

Bytek will set up an automation system to do lead nurturing and assign scoring based on lead behavior.

Through this system we will be able to provide the client with a qualitative analysis of the collected contacts to prioritize recall activities and optimize sales processes.

ByTek entrusts its lead scoring and automation actions to the Zoho Marketing Hub platform.

The activity follows a plan structured in 4 phases:

  1. Assessment: in the assessment, the customer’s objectives, sources of contact entry are identified and the mode of presentation and data collection is built.
  2. Automated creation: in this phase the various links to the web forms will be made and any automation will be set up with the client’s mailing systems;
  3. Scoring: defining how to engage and qualify contacts;
  4. Optimization: ongoing campaign oversight and monitoring with setting on the logic of the AAARRR funnel created.


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Zoho CRM

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