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Are italian companies investing in link building? ByTek releases an industry research from a survey on the national seo community

Marco Belmondo

ByTek, the martech company of the Datrix Group, specializing in artificial intelligence-based solutions and services for performance marketing, has just released a new white paper titled “Link Building in 2022 – How brands in Italy have been moving in recent years.

The dossier brings together evidence from a survey conducted in recent months and previewed at the last Search Marketing Connect: Link Building is a component of SEO strategy that is often demonized but continues to be central nowadays for its effectiveness in maximizing optimization efforts.

But what is the state of the art of link building in Italy? How is it perceived and executed by players in the market? In which industries, with which techniques is it carried out and what is the average budget? 

These are the central questions of the research, probed by combining two survey methodologies: a survey conducted on more than 150 professionals, thanks to the collaboration of the Italian SEO and Digital Marketer community, and an analysis of more than 150 digital properties, with a focus on the profile of backlinks.

The evidence is extremely interesting: depending on the industry and the role of the people interviewed, techniques and metrics change considerably.

Here are some significant ones:

  • the top 3 industries doing link building in the most structured way are beauty, fashion and sporting goods, followed in 4th place by the broader e-commerce world;
  • quality of content wins as the most important factor for quality business, for all the respondents;
  • the use of technology platforms to “automate” human operations, such as Relevanty AI, ByTek’s proprietary tool, are still used by a small segment of industry players, particularly Digital Marketing Managers not vertically specialized on SEO;
  • among the most widely used techniques wins guest posting, i.e., the publication of articles in online publications as editorials and insights. A technique based on relationship and content, quality and natural, but one that does not agree with all respondents: freelancers and website owners still tend to apply old link retrieval or directories, while in-house SEOs carry out online PR with a view to awareness as well as SERP ranking;
  • in-house SEOs, internal to individual companies and large brands, have the largest budget allocated for link building, over 20K per year.

What remains across the board is the positive rating of Link Building and Digital PR as effective in a search engine optimization strategy: the overall average rating is 4.5 out of 5.

The white paper with the full research can be downloaded at this link.

The collection of external signals is and always will be something fundamental to validate the quality of a content and, as in so many areas of SEO, what must guide us is common sense, which as always helps us to look at things with foresight, net of tricks and tacticsPaolo Dello Vicario, CEO of ByTek, commented – Performance in SEO in many contexts is tied in a double thread with the ability to build external signals, in a more or less natural way. The game of foresight is played on the definition and execution of the concept of quality, and the efforts of those involved in SEO should be stretched in this direction, combining creativity, analytical skills and that pinch of critical sense that never hurts.”