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ByTek (Datrix group) handles B2B digital strategy for Alimenta

Marco Belmondo

ByTek, martech company of the Datrix Group, also puts its experience at the service of B2B with Alimenta, a player of excellence Player of excellence in the production and distribution of consumer food products and equipment for butcher shops, delicatessens and restaurants.

Pivotal point of the beginning of the collaboration was the go-live of the new e-commerce, which took place between October and November 2021, which ByTek followed in the round, from the SEO, Analytics and Advertising point of view.

This was a forward-looking decision by the Alimenta team, which already has the capacity to preside accurately over the territory in its physical dimension, but wanted to stand out online as well, in a fragmented and still poorly digitized market.

Since then, ByTek has been following the company in advertising activities, continuous search strategy, link building, but also in the implementation of Zoho CRM for email marketing and the migration to GA4.

The goal is twofold: on the one hand, to increase direct e-commerce sales, and on the other, to digitally generate leads to turn over to the “physical” sales network, with a Smarketing approach, of real interconnection between digital marketing and sales.

Digital is a key element for business development and we think it can be a competitive advantage in a market that is still very traditional like ours. The data-driven approach allows us to test and validate strategies while always having business kpi under control,” explains Gabriele Lovera, chief revenue officer at Alimenta.

Over the past 12 months, Alimenta’s e-shop has recorded excellent results, including: more than 980 transactions, 161,000 sessions and 119,000 new users on the website.

On the lead generation front, ByTek has helped generate 974 highly profiled B2B leads since the beginning of 2022, adding to the revenue generated through the eshop.

On the SEO side, notable is the increase in clicks from unbranded keywords (+823%), which support the growth in e-shop revenue and B2B leads generated.

We know how to decline the skills of our teams even on strongly B2B projects, in complex niches such as those of medium-sized manufacturing, production and distribution of goods not intended for the end consumer, where purchase times are long and the degree of digitization still not optimal – comments Natalia Palmisano, Delivery Director of ByTekwith Alimenta we are carrying out a wide-ranging project, with a common vision and an excellent synergy between the teams.