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ISA: data audit, lead generation and better organic positioning in b2b thanks to ByTek

Marco Belmondo

ISA, one of the world’s most recognized players in the public venue furniture sector, specializing in professional furniture and refrigerated counters for ice cream parlors and pastry shops, is continuing its collaboration with ByTek, martech company of the Datrix Group, to boost its digital presence.

The historic Umbrian company manufactures locally and then distributes worldwide, operating in the market with five brands: ISA, COF, TASSELLI, ABACO and HIZONE in as many as 107 countries.

The distinctive feature of the products is the high rate of technology and innovation, also in terms of sustainability through the use of natural refrigerants; the entrustment of the digital activities to ByTek, in 2020, was born precisely from this common vision linked to the centrality of the tech and innovation component in the strategies and solutions.

ByTek’s activities are aimed at the project’s main goal of generating quality leads in a complex market such as B2B through strategic coverage of user searches. In particular, this is pursued through Search Empowerment, an ongoing optimization and support service from an SEO perspective, for an integrated search strategy from On-site multilingual to content writing for the company’s digital properties, and targeted ADV campaigns, in synergy with ISA’s new CRM project.

Building on its mindset based on data analysis and governance, ByTek also carried out a Data Audit for ISA to better understand flows, user behavior, usability, performance against competitors, and overall room for improvement.

We found a great synergy with the ByTek team right from the start, succeeding, thanks to their partnership, to increase our performance in the digital sphere, both in terms of traffic organic and Google rankings through targeted SEO activities, as well as in terms of lead generation through ADV campaigns on social channels and on Google,” explains the Marketing team of ISA.

Projects like ISA’s make us understand how Italian excellence also resides in the B2B world: starting from data and continuing with targeted content optimization, we want to accompany the Client in a constant growth, like a true partner – comments Luca Ricci, CX Director of ByTekAmong the proposed next steps, also the use of our proprietary technology, through the Relevanty AI product, to enhance link acquisition activities.”