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Pliant entrusts its digital performance growth in Italy and Holland to ByTek

Marco Belmondo

Pliant comes to Italy: it is a new international player, born in Berlin, that provides an innovative service for fully digital management of cards and receipts, via a mobile application. Pliant’s mission is to enable companies, agencies, and media centers to grow by issuing physical and virtual credit cards with high plafonds, tracking spending, and seamlessly integrating this data into their financial system via API solution, with even the ability for media agencies to get cashback and offset their CO₂ emissions while streamlining their finance department.

The German company relied on Bytek, a martech company specializing in artificial intelligence-based solutions and services, to improve the performance of lead generation campaigns and to introduce new paid channels within its digital strategy.

To achieve these goals, ByTek is driving its resources on ADV Empowerment activities to support the client in growing performance on paid channels, initially in the Italian and Dutch markets.

“We immediately felt a very good feeling with the Pliant team, we are sure we can grow together focusing on technology, on its ethical and human use, as an enabler and simplifier of processes – comments Paolo Dello Vicario, CEO of ByTekwe are excited to be able to measure ourselves with a project that is going to be more and more international.”