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Success of Retention AI, tech product of Bytek (Datrix Group), at launch on Product Hunt

Marco Belmondo

ByTek, MarTech company of the Datrix Group, yesterday officially launched Retention AI on Product Hunt, the American platform for sharing and discovering new products in the tech world. Product Hunt showcases new tech products with a system of user comments and voting.

In just a few hours, the Artificial Intelligence-based data-driven customer loyalty solution garnered over 200 upvotes, or positive feedback from an international audience of marketers and tech enthusiasts, ranking in the Top10 among the day's featured products.

Joining the Bytek AI Suite since June, Retention AI stems from the acquisition of Adority software and is a concrete example of the company's ability to integrate and internationalize, in a logic of strong scalability of new products.

The product is a specific module for customer segmentation & analysis based on the RFM (Recency-Frequency-Monetary) loyalty model. The strength of the product is that it focuses on first-party customer data, at a time in history when the Web is becoming increasingly cookieless and user privacy regulations more stringent.

How does Retention AI work?

  • Through simple no-code connectors, you can connect your internal data to the tool, for example by simply importing it from the e-commerce platform you use.
  • Through RFM modeling, segments are obtained, i.e., the customer base is broken down into specific audiences by purchasing behavior.
  • At this point, the audiences obtained can be easily re-imported inside the company's systems, particularly inside the online advertising and e-mail marketing platforms, to activate highly personalized campaigns.

"We are proud of these results at the official launch of Retention AI in such a specialized and attentive community as Product Hunt: this leaves us thinking that we are on the right track and that focusing on retention and first-party data, instead of pure acquisition and external data, is now more than ever a necessity for Brands, especially e-commerce. All the more so at a historical moment of uncertainty in the world of tracking and a general increase in the cost of advertising," comments Alvise Corba, Product Manager at ByTek on Retention AI.