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Venchi: +16% yoy revenue thanks to ByTek’s data-driven strategy

Marco Belmondo

Venchi, the iconic world-famous Piedmontese chocolate brand, is continuing its collaboration with ByTek, a martech company of the Datrix Group.

For Venchi, ByTek is pursuing a strong MarTech approach, based on the use of proprietary technology products; in particular, the tech company is managing an ADV Empowerment activity that has been accompanied by a preliminary Data Governance phase, with verification of data collection by existing tracking platforms and tag management system.

The chocolate and ice cream brand’s 2022 goals are to solve data management and tracking issues, optimize conversions and advertising campaigns, and increase revenue.

To these ambitious goals, ByTek has responded with a performance-oriented multichannel strategy, with a particular focus on the Italian market but with an international scope as well, focused specifically on 3 countries: the UK, France, and Germany.

The tracking of seasonal trends is essential for a market strongly influenced by consumer demand: in addition to the winter peak season, the declination of campaigns on the periods is also crucial, just think of the summer focus on ice cream. In this sense, tracking seasonal trends means being able to make data-driven assessments to make business decisions.

ByTek’s activities are directly impacting e-commerce sales: Venchi has recorded a +16% increase in overall sales YoY.

The collaboration with ByTek is allowing us to take timely advantage of the new opportunities and challenges of a technologically evolving market and to better orchestrate the increasingly relevant omnichannel strategy for our brand,” is the comment of Silvia Grassi, Digital Marketing Manager at Venchi.

Also important is the phygital dimension for a brand that offers an integrated and hybrid user experience, both online via e-commerce and offline with stores on the ground: in this sense, data reconciliation and drive-to-store are crucial.

AI allows us to have a deep understanding of the customer base, helping us to track increasingly accurate profiles and equipping us with a secure and compliant layer with loyalty and retention initiatives, for effective, unique and personalized campaigns,” explains Natalia Palmisano, Delivery Director at ByTek. “The collaboration with the Venchi client’s team has seen a real ‘elective affinity’ emerge immediately, a communion of intent and effort that is leading to good results, which are continuously improving”.