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Young Platform grows with ByTek through technology, search and data empowerment

Marco Belmondo

Young Platform, the Italian exchange where bitcoins and other major cryptocurrencies can be bought and sold, has appointed ByTek, the martech company of the Datrix Group, to boost its on-line visibility in the competitive cryptocurrency arena in a data-driven manner.

For the fast-growing start-up, it was crucial to position itself correctly on the main industry keywords in order to strongly increase organic traffic. At the same time, it was essential to increase brand awareness and equity, confirming the brand as a solid and trustworthy brand through social proof and authoritative content.

Crucial to the smooth running of the project and complementary to each other were both the search and data empowerment activities and ByTek’s proprietary technology.

On the one hand, the new information architecture and migration management were supported by technological tools for the detection of anomalies and the resolution of natural critical issues in this delicate process.

On the other hand, the empowerment activities related to the editorial area, for the enhancement of the content of the Young Platform Blog and Academy, were led by Trend AI, a tool based on Artificial Intelligence, capable of monitoring all on-line trends in the crypto market, intercepting and even managing to make predictive hypotheses on users’ interests.

Remarkable results were achieved: organic traffic up 82% after the migration, particularly between January and May 2022 compared to the previous period, and top 3 position for more than 6,000 unbranded keywords among the most competitive in the industry.

“The collaboration between Young Platform and ByTek has proven to be very successful, both in terms of results and working methodology. On the one hand, ByTek’s Specialists fine-tuned a strategic plan that started with an in-depth analysis of the market and search trends, and ended with the construction of a tailor-made information architecture for the client, who, together with his team, took full account of the indications and built an engine capable of achieving tangible results right from the outset. Analysis and interpretation of the data, teamwork capable of grounding the indications coming from the data and continuous monitoring to improve the results more and more were the main ingredients for the success of this project,” explains Emiliano Sammassimo, Head of SEO at ByTek.