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Link Building: how brands are performing in Italy in recent years

We provide you here with an in-depth look at the state of Link Building in Italy, from a survey within the national SEO and Digital Marketer Community


SEO continues to be central to Digital Marketing strategies and, like it or not, Link Building remains a crucial activity for an effective search engine optimization plan.

  • But what is the state of the art of Link Building in Italy?
  • How is it perceived and executed by players in the market?
  • In what industries, with what techniques is it carried out and what is the average budget?

These are the central questions of the research “Link Building in 2022 – How are brands performing in Italy in recent years?“, which we conducted in recent months and previewed at the last Search Marketing Connect.

The survey was composed through two methodologies: a survey, conducted on more than 150 professionals, thanks to the collaboration of the Italian SEO and Digital Marketer community, and an analysis of more than 150 digital properties, cross-industry, with a focus on the profile of backlinks.

The evidence is extremely interesting: depending on the industry and the role of the people surveyed, techniques, KPIs and approach to link building change considerably.

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How is link building evolving in Italy?

Link Building: how are brands performing in Italy in recent years?

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