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Retention AI: enhance the loyalty of your customer base

An easy-to-implement tool that helps connect all available data from multiple touchpoints, to understand, segment and retain your customers.

Retention AI is the low-code / no-code solution that allows you to collect all the information you already have about customers, enrich them and make them operable, without adding complexity to the systems already in use in the company.

The plus? Audience export speed, to focus only on strategy.

What Retention AI can do for you: manage and make the most of your data

Often the attention of marketing teams and their investments are mainly focused on acquiring new customers, forgetting that being able to return those who are already customers has much lower costs and a greater chance of success.

With its AI Audience Segmentation, Daily Update and Unlimited Audience Channel Export features, the tool allows you to:

  • analyze the customer base, identifying the best ones, those at risk of abandonment, etc.
  • create optimized audiences
  • automate the export of audiences to marketing and advertising platforms
  • analyze the Lifetime Value of customers
  • see how customers’ purchasing behavior evolves over time.
  • How to use Retention AI at its best

    eCommerce managers and CRM specialists, but also marketing agencies, e-mail marketing specialists and advertising managers need to learn more about customers and their buying behavior.

    This means easily identifying clusters and audiences, to be activated with different actions: VIPs to reward, customers who haven’t bought long enough to re-engage, ambassadors to be involved in gamification mechanisms, etc.

    Being able to bring back those who are already customers has much lower costs and a greater chance of success than acquiring new business. Retention AI provides insights into its customers in order to be able to implement “personalized” and effective marketing strategies.

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