Relevanty AI

A platform to effectively manage and monetize content, specifically for Publishers

Relevanty AI is the publisher-specific content marketing and content monetization solution that helps publishers effectively manage, distribute, optimize, and monetize content.




Relevanty AI: benefits for Publishers

Valid for both large networks consisting of numerous titles and for individual editorial offices or blogs, the platform boosts monetization earnings as well as organic ranking growth. Relevanty AI’s features and benefits for Publishers are considerable.

In fact, by registering for free on the platform you can:

  • always get new content marketing ideas to grow digital properties, drawing revenue from them monetize content more efficiently and quickly;
  • increase the organic positioning of your network domains on the most relevant areas;
  • manage orders and billing in one centralized platform.

How Relevanty AI Works for Publishers

Already more than 10000 publishers have jumped on board the platform to connect with Brands and Companies looking for publications and increase their chances of monetization.


Sign up for free

Accessing the platform is free: more than 10000 of your colleagues around the world are already part of the Relevanty AI network.


Enter your data

Add all your publishing properties to the platform-you will soon receive the first publication requests!


Receive and approve requests

Advertisers will send you texts for approval: only articles validated by you will be published on your site.


Monetize contents

After publishing, upload the invoice to the platform and receive payment.


Still having doubts?

Read the FAQ to find all the details on how to start earning money by making the most of your editorial prorperty, keeping the quality of content offered to readers high, and boosting search engine rankings.


Does becoming a publisher have a cost?

No, registration on the platform for publishers is always free.

When do publisher payments take place?

30 days (end of month date) from the upload of the invoices on the platform.

Who uploads the invoices to the platform?

The publisher must always upload the invoice after publishing the article.

Who can publishers write to about problems with invoices and payments?

Publishers can write to

What are the terms and conditions of payment?

The payment terms for publishers are contained in the terms and conditions of the platform, which the publisher accepts upon registration.

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