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We love to work with the bold ones and with those who, like us, strive every day to make a difference.

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ByTek is MarTech, innovation, collaboration.

  • We have always worked remotely but we love to meet as soon as possible, in the office and for team building
  • We are autonomous, we think in terms of objectives, but we all row in the same direction, compact and full of enthusiasm
  • Every week we dedicate precious hours to training, because updating is essential in an increasingly dynamic world

Do you want to join us? Let’s run into the future, together!


Our offices


Foro Buonaparte 71
20121 Milan (Italy)


Largo Carlo Felice 18
09124 Cagliari (Italy)


Viale Luca Gaurico 91/93
00143 Rome (Italy)


Via dell’Agricoltura 8
00110 Viterbo (Italy)

New York

27 East 28th Street New York,
NY 10016