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E-commerce is one of the fastest-growing sectors globally: new digital potential has brought remarkable increases in the last two years

It is estimated that B2C e-commerce, in our country, will exceed 45 billion euros by the end of 2022 (+14%) and that online penetration of total retail purchases of products and services will reach 11% (source: PoliMi Observatory).

33.3 million Italians purchased online in the first quarter of 2022: +9.6 million compared to the pre-pandemic period (source: NetComm, “NetRetail” research).

How to keep up with this expansion and how to stand out from the competition?


Activation Strategy thanks to MarTech

We work strategically for e-commerce on four macro-activities:

  • Market Intelligence, Real-Time Context Analysis using our AI-based search engine analytics and search engine interest solutions;
  • Acquisition Strategy, real-time analysis of its audience and traffic on its digital platforms, with integration of alternative data;
  • Conversion Strategy, defining conversion and revenue-oriented strategies on owned, earned and paid channels;
  • Loyalty Strategy, setting up strategies and solutions, such as CRM and specific tools, to improve the relationship with the customer base, enhancing even more the company’s data.

Challenges and opportunities in the e-commerce sector

The challenge

The consumer is increasingly fluid and aware, but also unpredictable, unattached to brands, and demanding of speed and quality of service.

The opportunity

Consumers comfortable with online shopping and mentally open to trying new products, services or brands.

The challenge

Technologies, channels and touchpoints are increasingly complex and fragmented.

The opportunity

MarTech solutions and the use of AI make it possible to create tailored shopping experiences, improving empathy with digital customers, thus also improving loyalty and e-commerce revenues.

The challenge

Competition on the global market is very high and the multiplicity of touchpoints creates a mass of data to be collected, processed and operated in the right way.

The opportunity

It is possible to reach a global audience by setting up insight-driven strategies in each market, thanks to technology that allows you to manage a lot of data and shape your offerings accordingly.

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Bytek AI Suite: our MarTech stack for e-commerce

Trend AI

Identifica i maggiori trend online, le stagionalità e gli intenti di ricerca del mondo ecommerce.


  • Map search interests

  • Identify patterns and anomalies among trends

  • Enable data-driven strategic decisions

Relevanty AI

Potenzia la link strategy e, quindi, l’autorevolezza e il posizionamento di brand e property digitali.


  • It connects advertisers and publishers

  • Self-service, managed or enterprise mode, as needed

  • High-quality publications


Retention AI

Supporta la raccolta e la segmentazione della customer base, in ottica di loyalty e personalizzazione.


  • Easily integrates with business tools and platforms

  • It allows an accurate knowledge of existing customers

  • It allows you to create more effective campaigns on target audiences

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