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Let’s get unwanted results away from the first page of Google

Does your company or person appear online with negative results but you can’t get the articles to go away when people search for your name on Google? The best solution is to replace them with more positive results and make the negative ones go beyond the first page. Find out with us how to do this.


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Reputation plays a vital role for a person and a brand, especially in the age of the Internet. Those who invest consistently in the opportunities the Web offers cannot ignore the importance of a brand and personal reputation service.

How users view a product, service or company can heavily influence its success. An issue that affects companies and people at the same time because companies are made up of people. Brand and personal reputation are closely linked, which is why it is important, especially in the Internet age, to monitor how the rest of the world views us and our company. Google can return negative mentions at any time, damaging both brand and personal identity.

At ByTek, we take care of the reputation of the client, be it a brand or individual person, who may be harmed by negative media campaigns or spreading misinformation through activities. Digital Pr strategies, request for removal of negative content with recall of the right to be forgotten, SEO techniques and positive Content Curation activities that can compensate are just some of the initiatives we propose, and then plan together with the client the most suitable ones. Ask for a consultation on brand and personal reputation that we implement following proprietary methodologies and new technologies through these steps.

How Brand and Personal Reputation is Built

U.S. entrepreneur Alvin Adam already in the mid-19th century spoke of public relations as the key to the success of any business. Today, the Internet is the main vehicle for relationships, so monitoring online reputation is critical. According to Nielsen, 97 percent of users before making a purchase inquire online: should a result with negative sentiment appear in the SERP regarding a service or product, it is clear that that user will decide not to buy.

The Brand Reputation Management activity offered by ByTek, always starts from a careful study of the SERPs and the competitors present, then the most suitable strategies are studied, which are communicated in maximum transparency to the client.

How to check Google SERPs

To check what the brand and personal reputation of a company or individual is, first of all the SERPs must be studied. Should negative sentiment emerge, an ad hoc strategy must be put in place to “clean it up” with a mix of actions that can be effective. This is because one action does not always get results; the reasons why it is not so easy to clean up some SERPs is the presence of blogs and forums.

Therefore, to get to the heart of the problem, a specific SEO Brand Protection must be carried out, i.e., an activity to control, monitor and correct the brand sentiment within the Google SERP.

SEO Brand Protection

The SERP is analyzed to identify ways to intervene through 4 main spaces:

  • Videos with negative sentiment positioned on the first page for the keywords examined;
  • Articles with negative sentiment placed in the top 12 positions in Google;
  • Images that do not conform to brand communication;
  • Reviews with negative sentiment.

Since it is not possible to make negative results disappear completely, the only possible action is to bring them down and make them less visible through a series of targeted interventions.

  • on-site interventions: new articles built to answer or preside over sensitive keys, to have higher SERP occupancy;
  • content creation on external but official sites or blogs: new articles that can answer or preside over sensitive keys;
  • digital PR: responses from official brand accounts on social environments and forums;
  • paid search: garrisoning the SERP through the creation of ad hoc ads and through the use of call outs and sitelinks;
  • guest blogging: activity conveyed through partnerships with reputable players capable of creating articles in support of the brand, capable of effectively manning the SERP.

Focusing on main comparative and informational keywords, critical issues will emerge and from the preliminary analysis the next actions and recommended interventions will be structured.

Creating content

The starting point of an SEO Brand Protection Strategy is an analysis of the current state of the online presence. One goes to study the site in question, trying to figure out whether it is optimized as best as possible for search engines, whether its online presence is massive or sparse. Creating an official referral source is key to improving reputation, as is improving existing content.

Creating optimized content that can climb the SERPs means kicking everything negative off the first page, bringing out only “the positive side.”

Managing social profiles

Millions of people every day exchange opinions and advice on the main social networks: controlling and taking care of the presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn is therefore essential, for any kind of business. Managing social profiles means not only taking care of one’s online reputation but also retaining new customers and consumers.

Brand and personal reputation: why should you choose ByTek?

We evaluate together with the client the editorial line of each content, communicating in absolute transparency the strategy to improve the results. We provide clear and customized reports on the progress of the Brand Reputation campaign. We can also provide the brand and personal reputation service in other languages such as English, German and Spanish. We tackle every challenge by finding the best solution in the shortest possible time. Ask for a consultation: we will know how to find the right solutions for your specific needs.

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