Soluzioni basate sui dati per il settore Fashion

Fluid consumers and multiple touchpoints online/offline are also opportunities for the fashion field

The field of fashion is always in great turmoil, with an evolution that follows the purchasing behaviors of users.
The greatest opportunities would derive, in particular, from the Digital sphere and the theme of Sustainability; the 2020-2021 biennium was undoubtedly one of partial setback for the sector, but it is seeing an upward curve in 2022 (source: McKinsey).



Activation Strategy thanks to MarTech

We work strategically for the players in Fashion retail with four steps of activity:

  • Market Intelligence, Real-Time Context Analysis using our AI-based search engine analytics and search engine interest solutions;
  • Acquisition Strategy, real-time analysis of its audience and traffic on its digital platforms and integration with data alternatives;
  • Conversion Strategy definition of conversion and revenue-oriented strategies on owned, earned and paid channels;
  • Loyalty Strategy, setting up strategies and solutions, such as CRM, to improve the relationship with the customer base, further enhancing the company data.

Challenges and opportunities of the Fashion industry

The challenge

Consumers who are not only fluid and unpredictable but also demanding; demanding social and environmental commitments from Brands.

The opportunity

Implementing and communicating their ethical and sustainable activities in the right way will bring great added value.

The challenge

The amount of user data is increasingly fragmented and complex to collect and analyze.

The opportunity

Martech solutions and the use of AI enable us to properly manage, analyze, interpret, and act on data, breaking down silos and bringing all customer journey information together.

The challenge

Consumers’ expectations not only about the product but also about the service and the shopping experience are increasingly high.

The opportunity

Consumers comfortable with online shopping and mentally open to trying new products, services or brands.

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Bytek AI Suite: our MarTech stack for Fashion

Trend AI

Identify the major online trends, seasonality and research intentions of the fashion world.


  • Map search interests

  • Identify patterns and anomalies among trends

  • Enable data-driven strategic decisions

Relevanty AI

It enhances the link strategy and, therefore, the authority and positioning of digital brands and properties.


  • Connects advertisers and publishers

  • Self-service, managed or enterprise mode, as needed

  • High-quality publications


Retention AI

It supports the collection and segmentation of the customer base, with a view to loyalty and personalization.


  • Easily integrates with business tools and platforms

  • It allows an accurate knowledge of existing customers

  • It allows you to create more effective campaigns on target audiences

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