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ByTek (Datrix Group) Wins Iper Tender for Performance Marketing

Camilla Varrella

Bytek, a MarTech company of the Datrix Group, has recently won the tender for managing Performance Strategy and Marketing Science for the Finiper Canova Group.

In particular, the tech company has been entrusted with managing the campaigns for the Iper La grande i hypermarkets and the IperDrive.it online grocery service: for these two brands, a tender was called in March, aimed at enhancing their digital presence through performance marketing on paid channels.

The project, signed by the ByTek team, has raised the bar of innovation higher, into the tech and AI-driven dimension typical of the company and of the entire Datrix Group.

With a view to a progressive and shared maturation path and with the aim of bringing the conversions of “Iper La grande i” advertising closer to the company’s real business objectives, ByTek started with a preliminary analysis of the customer journey, setting up a data-based funnel strategy.

There are six strategic pillars on which the project rests:

  1. Marketing Mix Modeling, a truly data-driven and scientific approach to budget allocation
  2. Enriched Bidding through AI, to set up campaigns in line with the true business value
  3. Drive2Store, to bring and track Iper customers across all touchpoints, including phygital and offline
  4. Audience AI, for effectively segmenting the customer base
  5. Lift Experiments, to evaluate conversions incrementally
  6. Advanced Tracking & KPI Audit, to build a solid and easily readable database.

“The enthusiasm for the start of this new challenge comes not only from being chosen by a high-level brand like Iper, but also from having won the tender thanks to a different approach, which distinguishes us: a scientific, technological, and innovative method, which aims to bring value through experimentation and transparent and compliant use of data and solutions,” comments Luca Ricci, Growth Director of ByTek, who concludes with a reflection on the current digital marketing scenario – Without a real strategy for first-party data and AI, companies will risk missing out on major growth opportunities and strength in the competition: soon we will have campaigns with hundreds of texts and images that artificial intelligence will be able to combine in the most effective way. Our ability, therefore, must be to send signals truly in line with our business to the platforms that guide the algorithms and ensure control over the platforms’ automation.”