Soluzioni basate sui dati per il settore Editoria

A digital newspaper or the editorial staff of a newspaper are players who need a strong strategy to stand out today

The publishing industry has been heavily influenced by technological innovation and the entry of highly digitized generations into the market. The continuous search for news, devices that are always connected, the explosion of full digital players on the market bring considerable challenges, but also great opportunities on which to work.



Activation Strategy thanks to MarTech

We strategically work for Publishers on three macro-activities:

  • Consolidation and management of data, respectful of user choice and intent, and future-proof to gain strategic and actionable business insights;
  • Content AI Empowered, i.e. analysis of trends and historical data through proprietary AI platforms in order to obtain editorial suggestions and improve the information architecture;
  • Strategies to improve Acquisition, with digital presence and authority, increasing content reach and taking full advantage of all traffic and revenue opportunities.

Challenges and opportunities in the publishing sector

The challenge

The reader is increasingly fluid and unpredictable, just as the channels are multiform and fragmented.

The opportunity

There is a direct link with the user, who provides live feedback and is more interested in the news than the headline.

The challenge

Increasing competition with a huge amount of news available.

The opportunity

We need to thoroughly understand trends and react promptly to opportunities that emerge or fake news that may spread, allowing newspapers to regain their role as an authoritative voice.

The challenge

Evolving regulations and needs for upskilling for publishers and journalists.

The opportunity

Those who know how to work transparently and make the most of innovation, including by training their internal resources, can benefit from significant monetization opportunities.

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Bytek AI Suite: our MarTech stack for publishers

Trend AI

Identify the major online trends, seasonality and research intentions of the fashion world.


  • Map search interests

  • Identify patterns and anomalies among trends

  • Enable data-driven strategic decisions

Relevanty AI

It enhances the link strategy and, therefore, the authority and positioning of digital brands and properties.


  • It connects advertisers and publishers

  • Self-service, managed or enterprise mode, as needed

  • High-quality publications


Retention AI

It supports the collection and segmentation of the customer base, with a view to loyalty and personalization.


  • Easily integrates with business tools and platforms

  • It allows an accurate knowledge of existing customers

  • It allows you to create more effective campaigns on target audiences

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