Retention AI

Turn your data and insights into winning strategies thanks to AI-based RFM segmentation

Why would you use Retention AI?

  • Save time;
  • Identify, understand & nurture the best customers;
  • Improve Customer Lifetime Value by synchronizing data to all your marketing channels;
  • Create ad-hoc commercial offers to lower your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) with laser-focused email marketing and advertising campaigns.


Retention AI - AI no-code tool for customer segmentation & retention | Product Hunt


Why focus on Retention?

In marketing, Acquisition matters. But Retention matters more.

Marketers often focus only on Acquisition, forgetting that being able to retain those who are already customers has much lower costs and a greater chance of success.


How does Retention AI work?

Retention AI provides insights into your customer base so that you can implement “personalized” and effective marketing strategies, improving Customer Lifetime Value and supporting truly data-driven business decisions.


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Connect your Data from CMS or other sources


Create your Audiences through AI clustering


Export Audiences on Digital Mktg Platforms

RFM Modeling

Thanks to AI-based segmentation, it is possible to divide customers by loyalty, value and future perspectives


AI Clustering

Thanks to AI-based segmentation,you can divide customers into homogeneous groups (Quantiles, K-Means).


Day-by-day Audience update

Unlimited exports allow you to take full advantage of the computational power of the tool, which returns timely audiences based on data today.


Integrations in import






Magento 2




Custom CMS (Coming Soon)

Integrations in export




Facebook Ads


Google Sheets (Coming Soon)

Sendinblue (Coming Soon)

Active Campaign (Coming Soon)

Klaviyo (Coming Soon)

Plans and

Retention Al is a bundled solution, which can be activated independently or with the support of a dedicated consultant. Compare features and pricing.


Read the FAQ to find all the details on how to start boosting your Retention

Is the solution GDPR compliant?

Yes, Retention AI respects the privacy legislation. Professionals and companies, on their side, must have consent to the profiling of the data of their customer database.

Why is there no free-trial period?

You can create an account for free, connect it with the CMS, configure the RFM matrix and see the composition of your database, but don’t export audiences until you add a payment method.

What time frame do you consider for customer analysis?

The tool takes into account the last three years.

Are there any limits on the number of exports, per channel and per audience?

No, once you have signed up for a plan, exports are unlimited.

How often are the audiences updated?

All of your customers’ information is automatically updated on a daily basis across all connected marketing platforms.

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