Adv Empowerment: advertising marketing strategy

Digital ADV, an increasingly competitive scenario

These days, the paid acquisition channel is increasingly competitive, technological and AI-Based.

  • Over the years, advertising platforms have become increasingly more complex and feature-rich, and an increasing number of competitors have entered the market, making it more difficult to obtain optimal performances.
  • Not only that, if on the one hand demand itself has changed, with consumers increasingly changing and becoming more aware, on the other hand new privacy restrictions take the targeting strategy to a new level.

Finally, the technological scenario has exploded, making thousands of tools and solutions available to all potential investors.

From data to performance: AI actionable insights for marketing

ByTek ADV Empowerment, new lifeblood to paid

All the changes and difficulties detailed above can become great business opportunities.

ByTek has designed a programmatic analysis process that is high-tech and performance-oriented. This method makes it possible to analyse all the main pillars, providing the customer with optimizations and architecture technology that can achieve the objectives of the media plan.

The ADV Strategy, therefore, provides a complete strategy, for a work plan that the user can decide to carry out independently or with the support of Bytek.

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