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Anomaly Detection: detect visibility anomalies

The anomaly detector, using the analysis of the Search Console data

Promptly detect critical issues in terms of impressions and clicks on your website: the strength of this technological product lies in its ability to detect anomalies starting from drops registered on the Search Console.

Prioritize anomalies to act in a targeted way

The strength of Anomaly Detection is its ability to detect potential irregularities in real time on three levels: web page, query, and page/query combination.

The generated report is a list of “problems” to be resolved, sorted by severity and that can

Who might find Anomaly Detection useful and why use it

Analysts and strategists who base their activities and decisions on the progress of web pages can obtain crucial insights from this platform.
The tool currently only analyses Search Console data but it can also be supplemented with other variables, making it cross-sectional and complete.

Anomaly Detection

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