Data Analytics

Manage, activate and measure data for performance

The companies that are currently performing the best and will become the reference point in the near future are those that are shifting from a purely data-driven perspective to an insight-driven approach.

The growth of a company, in fact, stems from its ability to collect, manage, use, and interpret data in the right way, turning them into true insights, which are actionable indicators and cues for making real strategic business decisions.


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Data Analytics

Why use our Data Analytics solution?

At ByTek, we engage in strategic work where we support the client in clarifying their business objectives, translating them into metrics and KPIs capable of describing and monitoring them effectively.

It’s a continuous path of analysis and advisory, starting from data flow definition, transforming them into insights, and making them understandable and accessible for an insight-driven growth journey.

Data Analytics

How does our Data Analytics solution work?

Our Data Analytics solution, powered by proprietary AI and Machine Learning technologies, is capable of:


Data Quality

This involves transforming the chaos of vast, unmanaged data lakes or the fragmentation of non-communicative silos into a defined, clean, and analyzable dataset


Data Strategy

It entails conducting in-depth analysis of existing data, which needs to be enriched and interpreted to uncover its potential


Data Activation

This step equips decision-makers with data decoding tools so that they can use the data as business insights


Data Visualization

This aspect adds concreteness to the data and makes it more accessible for activation

Strengths of our Data Analytics solution

Business-Oriented Approach

We are focused on our clients’ objectives, and based on these objectives, we build effective, sustainable, and efficient strategies. We start with market analysis, competitor analysis, property analysis, and the relevant context.

Goal e KPI

Full Funnel Dashboard

We are able to monitor online and offline transactions, create a comprehensive mapping of touchpoints, select the most accurate attribution model, and analyze trend data to drive the strategy.


Continuous Advisory

We provide ongoing data consultancy support, with value-added analysis coinciding with the release of data collection technology solutions, to obtain immediately actionable insights in full-funnel marketing strategies.


Data Analytics

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