Data Empowerment: data-driven marketing strategy

The companies of the future: from data to insights

The companies that are working at their best today, and which will become the reference points in the near future, are those that are moving from a purely data-driven perspective to an insight-driven approach.

The growth of a company, in fact, derives from its ability to collect, manage, use and interpret data in the right way, returning real insights, i.e. action indicators, ideas for making real strategic decisions at the business level.

Today we also work with new approaches, capable of reconciling data from multiple sources, both online and offline, such as Marketing Mix Modeling.

From data to performance: AI actionable insights for marketing

ByTek Data Empowerment, insight-driven business

ByTek, with the support of its proprietary technologies based on AI and Machine Learning, is able to develop a Data Empowerment strategy in 4 phases:

  • Data Quality & Governance, because from the chaos of an immense and un-managed data lake or the fragmentation of non-communicating silos, it is necessary to have a defined, clean and analyzable data set;
  • Data Enrichment & Strategy, the true analysis of existing data, which has to be enriched and interpreted so that its potential can be understood;
  • Data Strategy Activation, to provide decision makers with data-decoding tools, so that they can use them as business insights;

Data vizualisation, to give substance to the data and facilitate its activation.

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