Search Intelligence

Use search data analysis to guide your strategies and enhance your online presence

People consider search engines their main source of information. The vast amount of data and insights available makes it possible to analyse and understand any sector, overcoming the limitations often found in traditional market research. However, this type of analysis requires a considerable commitment of time and effort.

Our expertise in search data analysis and our Artificial Intelligence algorithms have enabled us to develop a Search Intelligence solution that raises the level of market understanding for our clients, providing them with useful insights month-by-month.


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Why use our Search Intelligence solution?

With our search intelligence solution, keywords and search volumes are regularly updated according to the specific needs of the client, with whom we also define the taxonomy used for automatic keyword labelling. Subsequently, the data is visualised within a dashboard that includes: general overview, raw data, trend analysis and top insights.

Search Intelligence

How does our Search Intelligence solution work?

We can extract and collect data from search engines about a specific topic, analyse it and turn it into market insights. We are able to extract local and global data up to 36 months prior to the start of the activity.


Data Collection

After receiving the macro-topics of interest from the customer (the so-called ‘seed keywords’), we use our artificial intelligence algorithms to expand and enrich them.


Data Classification

Through AI, we assign both clusters and search intent to the keywords. The definition of clusters and sub-clusters is based on an initial classification provided by the customer. Each keyword is also associated with a search volume history.



Data Visualization

Data are presented in a clear and comprehensive dashboard, providing useful insights for the client.

Strengths of our Search Intelligence solution

Insight into search intentions

With our solution, we can segment the entire dataset by intentions. In this way, we are able to identify the fears, desires and opportunities hidden within the search keyword.

Granular data highlighting local trends and habits

People tend to use search engines using their own language and replicating their habits. By examining what users search for, how often they search and where, it is possible to understand the maturity of local markets and the behavioural context.

A global view that allows you to understand where the market is growing

Expertly managed and processed research data facilitate decision-making.
By examining consumer demand, it is possible to understand whether the market is growing or shrinking.

Search Intelligence

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