Data-driven solutions for the Travel sector

Fluid consumers, very high competition and lots of data to read are also opportunities for Tourism

The Travel industry is in great turmoil today, after a forced stop due to the two-year pandemic that slowed down and greatly altered previously established dynamics.

Today, users inform themselves online and Google processes more than 3.5 billion searches per day on the world of travel: this data must be collected, analyzed and processed to define an effective digital strategy.



Activation Strategy thanks to MarTech

We work strategically for Tourism players with four steps of activities:

  • Market Intelligence, Real-Time analysis of search trends, thanks to our AI-based solutions to understand seasonality and search engine interests;
  • Acquisition Strategy, Real-Time analysis of your audience and traffic on your digital platforms and integration with alternative data, activating insights to create tailored experiences and improve marketing performance;
  • Conversion Strategy definition of conversion and revenue-oriented strategies on owned, earned and paid channels;
  • Loyalty Strategy, setting up Retention strategies and solutions, to improve the relationship with the customer base, enhancing the value of the company’s data even more.

Challenges and opportunities in the travel sector

The challenge

Presence of large players monopolizing the digital scene in the travel market

The opportunity

The amount of user data collected externally is increasingly large and complex to manage compliantly and analyze.

The challenge

The amount of user data collected externally is increasingly large and complex to manage compliantly and analyze.

The opportunity

The use of AI and Machine Learning allows us to manage, analyze, interpret and operate a large amount of data.

The challenge

First-party data on existing customers are not pooled across business silos or segmented/activated effectively.

The opportunity

Modern segmentation and retention tech solutions enable homogeneous audiences to be targeted with personalized messages.

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Bytek AI Suite: our MarTech stack for Tourism

Trend AI

Identify the major online trends, seasonality and research intent of the travel world.


  • Map search interests

  • Identify patterns and anomalies among trends

  • Enable data-driven strategic decisions

Relevanty AI

It enhances the link strategy and, therefore, the authority and positioning of digital brands and properties.


  • It connects advertisers and publishers

  • Self-service, managed or enterprise mode, as needed

  • High-quality publications


Retention AI

It supports the collection and segmentation of the customer base, with a view to loyalty and personalization.


  • Easily integrates with business tools and platforms

  • It allows an accurate knowledge of existing customers

  • It allows you to create more effective campaigns on target audiences

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