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ByTek is the MarTech company of Datrix Group

We specialize in proprietary software solutions that apply Artificial Intelligence to measure and enhance Marketing performance, with an insight-driven approach.

The tech company is aimed at B2B and B2C companies, with a range that includes data-driven empowerment tools and technologies, in order to make processes more efficient, make decisions and implement actions throughout the funnel, achieving and exceeding growth objectives.

Since 2014, clients appreciate the company’s distinctive methodological approach and implementation times, its strong focus on results through analytical and specialist in-depth analysis, its ability to push forward innovation with external and alternative data, as well as its training capacity.


The ByTek Mission

Our mission is to increase marketing and sales performance by connecting AI, data and the human business experience.
The market is increasingly demanding more innovation and technology to succeed in performance, increasing speed of action and control over insights and actions.
Companies have realised that it is not enough just to ‘add another tool to the stack’, but rather it is necessary to ensure that insights are activated through end-to-end work, which often requires human action in order to successfully navigate complex contexts.
Large companies are increasingly looking for technologies that can integrate and complement their MarTech stack: ByTek is the technology and strategic partner that can help the most innovative companies meet the challenge of governing data, ensuring ever-higher marketing performance, governing the entire customer journey and getting on the trends before their competitors.


ByTek Values

Technology today makes it possible to speed up the most repetitive actions, collect and organize data, and unearth insights.
For us it is an enabler that increases human possibilities instead of replacing them.
That is why we combine the technology with empowerment activities (in full ServWare style) that allow clients to achieve results.
We don’t just insert technology into a company, we activate it.
The marketer remains, in this context, the one who can make things happen, designing the insertion of technology into the business and governing complexity with strong business understanding.
Combining Human and Artificial Intelligence, technology and strategy, is our daily bread, focusing on an idea of “increased intelligence” that is based on a new perspective: that of digital humanism.