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A lot of content, a lot of visibility?


Is it really true that a large amount of content always brings greater visibility? Think for example of the pages of a company blog or a “how to” type site. In fact there is no univocal answer, however, statistics confirm that quantity is important but quality is even more so.
It is therefore necessary to balance quantity and quality of content to obtain results in terms of views and positioning. In fact, it has been shown that a good amount of content is rewarding, but only if it is of good quality.

Successful content

The visibility and authority of a website are determined by the number of successful content. Let’s see their characteristics together:

A pole of attraction

Quality content is what manages to attract links from other sites. Each of the links received then, will allow you to get more views but will improve the positioning in the Google SERP, which will evaluate the authoritativeness of the content.

Effects of quality content on positioning and authoritativeness

When a content is authoritative, the links obtained have permanent effects on SERP positioning and metrics that measure the authoritativeness of the site and the individual content. With each update of the site with new content will increase the qualified traffic to the web page in addition to what would have been obtained using the old content. Good content therefore becomes a catalyst for continuous traffic. From here you can understand how fundamental it is to be able to create a large number of quality content. This triggers a virtuous circle in which the production of quality content generates traffic and visibility to the site.

Text quality

The content produced for the web must respond to certain characteristics in order to be appreciated by those who consult it from desktop or mobile devices. It is therefore essential to adopt Web Copywriting techniques to facilitate reading and make the text content clear and graphically pleasing. Among the aspects to be taken care of for a good writing of content for the web is a basic knowledge of SEO techniques and the use of elements such as Title tags and header tags. Google appreciates well organised content, divided into paragraphs and with titles h2, h3 and h4, depending on the length of the texts. The subdivision of content makes reading more enjoyable and allows the reader to easily reach what is most interesting. It is also useful to use the keywords wisely, placing alongside the main ones the Long tail ones and writing the texts with the attention to respond to conversational searches. The use of voice searches from mobile devices is increasingly widespread, and will condition the authoritativeness of the content. The length of texts also affects their placement. It ‘good to avoid dealing with topics in less than 400 words, because Google will consider them superficial and not very thorough, so not useful to those who browse the web.

Keyword: Variety

A strategy to improve the quality of the site’s content is to publish, in addition to text articles, posts offering in-depth analysis, “How to” guides, e-books, videos, infographics and quality images.

The social effect

One way to increase the views of a content and make it authoritative is to share it on social networks. Obviously, the viralisation of a content on social networks is directly proportional to the quality of the content itself, be it a video, an infographic or an article.
It is therefore necessary to create a good number of contents, without ever losing reference to their quality.