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Corporate blog in an SEO perspective


The company blog represents an important form of communication for a company, which transforms the classic “showcase” site, with the usual menu consisting of static pages (About Us” or “Our Products”) into a website with dynamic content. It is now well known that search engines prefer websites that are constantly updated and reward their positioning with respect to those that have static content, not updated frequently.

The advantages of a corporate blog

Marketing through the corporate blog

A company blog has positive effects on Brand Reputation and Brand Identity, because it allows the company to present itself through text, graphics and multimedia content much more engaging than a simple company website. It will therefore gain the authoritativeness of the brand. The contents concerning the specific themes of the reference sector or topics related to products and services offered, but always of an informative nature, can involve users much more than texts that are too promotional. Finally, there is the competitive advantage over competitors who do not produce and disseminate updated content on their websites, limiting the possibility of positioning their website.

Lead Generation and corporate blog

The company blog is a valid tool to generate “hot” contacts, i.e. people really interested in what the company offers. You can generate Lead by posting content that presents call to action or blog subscription forms. The interaction with users will not always be immediate, but it is certainly strengthened by proposing interesting content, able to generate interaction.

Corporate Blog and SEO

But let’s come to SEO, the actions and benefits of a corporate blog on positioning and traffic volumes:

A corporate blog can contribute to Link Building, one of the most effective tools for SEO, acting positively on positioning and traffic. The site also benefits from it because it allows a proper management of internal links, which favours the indexing of content by Google.
This reduces the bounce rate, increasing session duration and page views per user. Internal links also make it possible to highlight a more conversion-oriented landing page. In fact, some tests confirm that the user is more prone to conversion, after facing a buying funnel initiated by offering quality, not explicitly sales-oriented information. What about external links? A company blog can also encourage Link Building on external sites, because quality content generally receives links from other blogs or websites, if with useful and not directly promotional content.

The company blog allows you to measure data

Underlying SEO are numbers, traffic data, referrals and everything that can emerge through the use of tools such as Google Analytics. The company blog allows you to obtain certain indications, because they are measurable, on the behaviour of users and the topics that most interest them. The resulting analysis, if carried out by professionals, allows the web copywriter to guide the production of content by intercepting user demand, composing textual content and optimising images and videos in an SEO perspective.

Keyword positioning

The greater the number of content published in the company blog, the greater the number of pages of the site and keywords placed, each of which offers new opportunities for ranking. These include long tail keywords, especially those that have the tone of the questions asked through voice search, useful to improve positioning for mobile searches.

Social Network and Social Media sharing

Companies that don’t yet have a corporate blog but operate on social media must create content designed specifically for sharing on Facebook or other social networks. The company blog allows to add to such content also the sharing of posts. So you can share not only short texts with call to action and images, but real in-depth content. Companies that do not use a Social Media Manager can thus frequently share the contents of the company blog, offering quality posts that can generate visits to the site and new contacts. From an SEO point of view, creating traffic on content is certainly an appreciable result. On Social, in fact, the greater the interaction that blog posts will be able to achieve, the greater will be the visibility of the post and the company profile.

Value content and SEO

Valuable content is better positioned by Google, and generates traffic. That’s why corporate blog posts must be informative, relational in nature. It is therefore a question of providing adequate answers to users’ questions. The content should not be perceived as promotional, but as a tool for in-depth analysis on issues of interest to potential customers. In designing a corporate blog, space must be given to content that responds to the research carried out by users. Through specific tools, such as those offered by Google, it is possible to know the most used search volumes and keywords. In this way you can write articles, but also produce infographics and video tutorials, answering the most frequently asked questions, with obvious advantages for SEO, because you will get results both in terms of positioning and visits.


The company blog can really make a difference on the web, improving the positioning of the site, the visits and their duration, consequently acting on the brand image. To start a corporate blog it is necessary to identify the target audience and the requests for information expressed. The objectives will then be identified, and a project created, with an editorial calendar and analysis of the keywords of greatest interest. Finally, the blog must be updated through content optimised with SEO Copywriting techniques, image and video management.
ByTek Marketing designs corporate blogs taking care of the analysis, design and creation of text and multimedia content, infographics and reports using internal resources.