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Relevanty AI: service levels and features

Relevanty AI meets the needs of the market in terms of Link Building and Digital PR, offering three progressive service levels, each including different and progressive features, to meet the needs of different customers.

Self Service

Use the platform independently

Relevanty AI’s Self Service mode is designed for SEO Specialists, Digital PR Specialists and Link Builders. It allows you to access the platform and create campaigns in total autonomy, without signing up for any subscription. By adding the subscription, it is also possible to analyze your own link profile and that of competitors.



Use the platform with the support of our Specialists

The Managed service level is designed for specialized agencies and medium-sized companies: it allows you to use the platform with strategic and operational support, communicating your needs, in terms of objectives and budget, to the ByTek experts.

A campaign proposal is received directly on the platform to be approved or reviewed. By signing up for a subscription, the link profile analysis function and the custom link building strategy, based on previous analyzes, are integrated.



A full-managed, turnkey Link Strategy service

The Enterprise level is designed for big companies of every industry and provides for the constant support of our experts through the Search Empowerment service.

Empowerment is activated through Relevanty AI, without the customer needing to use the platform in person, for a guided and structured path, through shared objectives and punctual reporting.


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