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ByTek releases new features of Relevanty AI, its proprietary platform for link strategy

Marco Belmondo

particular, in November, Relevanty AI, the tool dedicated to SEO managers and Link Acquisition and Digital PR specialists, was revamped and enriched with high-level features.

Relevanty AI is, today, the first AI-based platform on the global market to include a system of link profile analysis and link building strategy based on the analysis of competitor link profiles.

The resulting strategy allows you to evaluate and compare your backlink profile with that of competing players in the same market for the same relevant keywords, in a truly data-driven way because it is optimized thanks to proprietary AI and Machine Learning algorithms.

All of this can then be translated into easily actionable campaigns across a wide network of publishers, which now has more than 10,000 online titles worldwide, cross-cutting by industry and topic.

In the Self-service version, access to the platform is free and campaigns can be entered independently, while in the Managed and Enterprise versions it is possible to request the professional support of ByTek’s team of SEO Experts, even going as far as requesting customized outreach, on specific editorial staffs.

Among the added values of the tool is also the possibility of commissioning the content itself from a pool of professional copywriters, if you have no way to write it yourself.

A set of technological and strategic layers, then, that add up to a tool that is easy to use and has its own quid in simplifying the process. Relevanty AI responds to a precise need in the market: to do quality link building to increase search engine rankings and authority, despite the difficulty of carrying out this specific activity, which is notoriously delicate, time-consuming and high effort for the resources devoted to it.

Relevanty AI, also thanks to these new customizable and automated strategic processing features, is definitely today the most mature product of our ByTek AI Suite,” explains Valentina Tortolini, Product Director at Bytek, “the goal of the latter is to provide end-to-end value along the entire marketing funnel, from acquisition to retention, thanks to modular, integrable and complementary components”.