Lift Experiment

Use the power of data to obtain insights into the performance of your marketing campaigns in terms of incrementality

The Lift experiment is a test that allows the true value of marketing activities to be measured in a clear and transparent manner: we provide the client with the segmentation criteria adopted and define together the KPI to be monitored, enabling active collaboration in the decision-making process.

Thanks to our solution, it is possible to test specific actions on different channels and derive all the incrementality insights needed to set the final marketing plan.

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Lift Experiment

Why use Lift Experiment?

Lift Experiment makes it possible to measure the real impact of a marketing campaign on the KPI agreed with the customer by analysing the correlation between the campaign and the increase in the business activity indicator.


How does the Lift Experiment work?

Two homogeneous groups of individuals are selected, distinguished by a key variable usually of a geographical or demographic nature, as it facilitates monitoring of both groups – the test group exposed to a specific marketing campaign and the control group not subjected to the same campaign – without influencing the results of the experiment.

Subsequently, the effects of the campaign on the specific business indicator are compared to evaluate the actual influence that the campaign had on the subjects exposed to it.


Exposure to campaigns

We identify the groups exposed and those not exposed to the campaigns



We match exposed and unexposed groups on the basis of demographic or geographical parameters



We trace the results of both groups



We calculate the impact based on the different group responses

Strengths of Lift Experiment

Focus on Incrementality

The incremental effect of a campaign is the difference between what we observe as a result of the campaign and what would have happened anyway regardless of whether the campaign was present or not. Thus, systems based on incrementality allow us to understand the true value of marketing investments.



Lift Experiment can measure the impact of marketing campaigns on multiple channels.


An all-in-one solution

We manage the process in its entirety: from data collection to analysis by Artificial Intelligence to the activation of the results obtained.


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